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5 Sunny Container Garden Ideas


Planting bulbs and perennials in pots is a great way to expand your planting area. It also offers diverse options for growing items that aren’t hardy in your zone. The portability of container plantings allows you to change your mind easily later in the season. If you’re like me and love planting in pots, here are 5 sunny container garden ideas to plant this summer.

5 Sunny Summer Bulb and Perennial Ideas for Pots

The fun thing about planting in containers is the variety of plants that can be grown. However, sometimes too many choices can be confusing. Or if you are new to gardening, you may not know where to start. Well, this article on planting summer bulbs in containers is the first place to start. Once you have brushed up on the best practices for growing bulbs in pots, be inspired by the 5 combinations below. These ideas are all intended for full sun to part sun areas. If you are looking for inspiration for shaded container gardens we have those too, in this article.

Sunny Container Garden 1

The Rozalynn Asiatic Lilies is a compact variety that grows 18″ tall. They should be in the back of the planter. Space each bulb 4-6″ apart. In the front and middle section of the pot plant 10 Impressive Miniature Gladiolus. Space the bulbs 1-2″ apart. The miniature gladiolus will begin blooming when the Asiatic lilies have finished in mid-summer.

Sunny Container Garden 2

A large container will be needed, at least 18-24″ in diameter to start. Plant the 3 Pink Futurity Dwarf Canna in the back of the planter. Space the canna lily bulbs 2-3″ apart in a triangle pattern. The Kaya Cranesbill will mound and spill over the front edges of the planter. They should be planted 6-8″ from each other. When the season ends the Kaya Cranesbill are perennial in zones 3-8 and can be planted in the ground.

Sunny Container Garden 3

This container combination features 4 sun-loving perennials. They are also perennials that attract pollinators. Blooming at different times throughout the season this planter will provide color for months. Plant the Black Eyed Susan towards the back of the container as it grows the tallest. The Butterfly Weed can be set off to the left side near the middle of the pot. Plant the Enchanted Indigo Veronica on the right side of the container opposite the Butterfly Weed. In the foreground of the container plant 4 Firecracker Sedum. The Sedum will bloom last and get a vibrant fall color.

Sunny Container Garden 4

This is a simple planter using complementary colors orange and purple. Plant the 3 Orange Nugget Border Dahlias toward the back of the planter space 6-10″ apart. In the front and center of the pot plant three Lavender Gem Calla Lilies. This planter will come to life in mid-summer. The dahlias will continue to bloom until the first hard frost in the fall.

Sunny Container Garden 5

This drought-tolerant container combination has a lot of foliage effects going on! The texture this combination provides is unique. The tall pineapple lily should be the center of attention for this planter. Surround the Pineapple Lily with 5 low-growing Popstar Sedum. The Pop Star Sedum has pink foliage late in the summer and into the fall months.

Add Style with Bulbs and Perennials in Pots

It seems lately that you can never have too many containers full of flowers. I find myself adding more and more plants to my garden via pots. If you have a small area like a balcony in an apartment, containers are your best friend. Small yards in city settings also beg for many containers of flowers in order to expand the garden. Yet, big yards in suburban areas also have a place for multiple containers full of flowers.

Try something different than your typical annuals in sunny containers. You may be a creature of habit and always go back to the container plants that have worked in the past. However, one of the most fun parts of gardening is trying new plants and learning new tricks. Combining summer flower bulbs with perennials will add style, and diversity to your container gardens. Remember, if you add perennials to your container gardens they can be planted in the ground at the end of the season for a long-lasting plant in the garden.

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