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Looking for the perfect gift??? Give an Amaryllis this year!

White Amaryllis

These indoor blooms make wonderful gifts and come in a variety colors!

Amaryllis: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

As hard as it is to believe, the holidays are just around the corner. That being said, whether you’re the organized shopper who bought everyone’s Christmas gift over the summer or you’re the procrastinator without a clue, there’s bound to be someone who seems to have everything. Or what about that person that you think might drop by and need a gift “just in case”? Have you thought about your child’s teacher or Great Aunt Gertrude or your hair stylist?

How about a unique gift that they will actually enjoy? Try bringing plant life to the cold days by giving an indoor bulb! One of the most common of these indoor growing bulbs is the Amaryllis. Now I already know what you’re thinking: I don’t want to give a gift that requires WORK…let alone a plant that I know will never survive. So what if Gertrude’s thumb isn’t that green! The best part about these gifts is that they are extremely EASY to grow and fun to watch! Have grandchildren that are interested in the way things grow but are bored with the “expandable sponge animals”? Give them each an amaryllis bulb to plant and record the progress! And the best part: many times bulb websites such as Holland Bulb Farms sell these indoor bulbs in giftbox kits which include everything you need to grow the bulb. Sure takes the difficulty out of a unique gift, doesn’t it?

Amaryllis Closeup

A close up picture of my sister’s Amaryllis on her desk at work.

Allow me to tell you about my sister: My dear sister, a wonderful person full of great ideas and motivation, is not gifted with the talent of “growing things.” Or maybe better said, she has difficulty keeping plants alive 🙂 Yet as far as I’m concerned, every house could benefit from some “greenery” so I gave her an amaryllis. Of course, I received the response I knew I would: “Oh thanks, Bridget. But…ah…you know how I am with plants. Do I have to water it?” I laughed and assured her that even SHE couldn’t mess this one up. I also told her that the great thing about amaryllis is that they only need to be watered once a week! Sure enough, three weeks later, I received an email from her, pictures attached. She had taken her amaryllis to her office and it had bloomed beautifully! Her only complaint was that she couldn’t get any work done because her co-workers would constantly stop to ask her what the gorgeous plant on her desk was called!

So why not try giving a unique gift this year rather than the same old gift card to McDonald’s or gaudy Christmas ornament? The blooms last for weeks and they couldn’t be easier to grow!

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