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7 MORE Reasons Why Gardening is Good for You


We are following up on our original article 7 Reasons Why Gardening is Good For You with 7 MORE reasons. The original article was first published in March of 2020 and has been recently updated. At that time there was a lot of uncertainty in the world. The aim of the original article was to bring light into the world by encouraging gardening. It was important to for us to do what we could by highlighting the benefits of gardening.

We are now in 2023, and time has passed which has allowed us to reflect on the impact of gardening in the last few years. Since 2020 a positive takeaway has been the increase in people of all ages gardening. Whether it is flower bulb gardening, vegetable gardening, or growing a houseplant collection. Gardening is here to stay. It’s what I always dreamt of. I am encouraged to see the growth of gardening, and happy to have so many friends to talk about plants and gardens with. If you aren’t gardening yet, or have fallen off the garden wagon, here are 7 MORE reasons gardening is good for you!

Benefits of Gardening: 7 More Reasons is Good for you.

1.) Sharing is Caring

When we share our accomplishments it feels good. Sharing the literal fruits of our labor is a double good feeling bonus. Let’s say you started begonia tubers indoors this winter and had extra plants by spring.  You then decided to share them with a neighbor it’s a win for both you and your neighbor. You get the satisfaction of growing something for your garden. But, also sharing your efforts with a neighbor.

The same thing goes for vegetable gardens, if you are like me and planted WAY too many potatoes this year, you will most likely be sharing your harvest with friends.  It may be a cliche to say sharing is caring. However, when you care for others it not only makes them feel good, but those warm fuzzy feelings are transferred to you too!

2.) Grounding

I have seen some friends share information about grounding and its health benefits of it. Therefore, I wanted to learn more.  Did they have a secret to well-being I was not aware of? As an avid slipper and sandal-wearer, I have a lot to learn about grounding.

According to the National Institute of Heath, “Grounding or earthing refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with bare feet or hands, or with various grounding systems. Subjective reports that walking barefoot on the Earth enhances health and provides feelings of well-being can be found in the literature and practices of diverse cultures from around the world.”

Playing and working in the garden provides an excellent opportunity to practice grounding. Your hands, arms, legs, and feet all have the opportunity with direct contact with the Earth.  Kick off your garden clogs and get your feet in direct contact with the earth we’re grounding ourselves today!

3.) Teaches Patience

In the fast-paced world we live in, learning to slow down and be patient is good for you. Gardening is one of the BEST teachers of patience. The bulbs, seeds, and plants you are growing will grow at a pace that you have little control over. Yes, you can water them, fertilize them and provide the proper growing conditions as you should. However, plants are all their own beings too, therefore some grow faster or slower than others. Waiting, watching, and hoping for the best teaches patience. Another cliche, good things come to those who wait rings true for the garden as well. Don’t try to rush or force your plants into growing faster. Take this as a valuable life lesson in patience and acceptance.

4.) Helps To Unplug

Ah! The internet and smartphones. Good things have happened since the invention and widespread availability of these two technological advances. However, it is quite easy to spend too much time plugged in. Making the decision to put your phone away while gardening and doing yard work will leave you feeling refreshed at the end of the day. Take the opportunity to soak up the sun and quiet your mind in the garden by unplugging for the day.

5.) Meet Your Neighbors

Gardeners LOVE to talk shop with other garden enthusiasts. I recently went to a friend’s house to pick her up for a hike, but before we left, she insisted on giving me a tour of her gardens. Sharing our gardens and what we are growing also occurs close to home with the people living on your block or in your subdivision. Gardening provides the opportunity to talk and meet neighbors you may otherwise not. The family a few houses down from me has chickens, flowers, and a few raised garden beds. We had extra tomato plants and invited them to take a look at our gardens, and shared some of our extra tomatoes with them. If it weren’t for gardening we may not have the same reason or opportunity to meet this family on our street.

If you are growing flowers or vegetables this year and have an elderly neighbor consider sharing some of your flowers and vegetables with them. It will help to brighten their day. It also provides the opportunity to build a community and get to know your neighbors.

6 .) What’s Good for the Soil is Good for the Soul

Healthy soils are a key component of the health of the Earth. Tending to a garden of flowers and vegetables helps to ensure enriched soil in your yard. It can seem like there isn’t much we can do as individuals to help make healthy earth. However, if every yard made a point to enrich its soils and plant flowers for pollinators, we could do a lot of good–there is strength in numbers. Having healthy soil equals healthy plants, which ultimately is a benefit to yourself and all humans.

7.) It’s Therapeutic

First, a disclaimer, I am not a doctor or therapist. Traditional therapy cannot be replaced by gardening alone, especially for people who need help from a professional. However, scheduling time and focusing on the garden can do wonders to relieve stress. Knowing that it’s just you, the soil and the plants eases the mind. It allows you to quiet the mind. Therefore, leaving space for thoughts that can help work out day-to-day stresses in your life.

Gardening gives hope, it shows us there are more days ahead that will provide fruit, flowers, and growth. It teaches us lessons, like patience mentioned above, as well as success and failures. Ripping out weeds and invasive plants in your garden helps to get pent-up frustrations out. Removing creeping bellflowers and other noxious weeds by digging deep and ripping them out root and stem shows them who’s boss–that is therapeutic. Carve out some time each day or week in the garden to get some low-cost garden therapy, it’s good for you!

Garden for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Planting a garden helps all aspects of life. It enriches our brain, provides nourishment for our body, and eases the soul. On an individual level, gardening helps people through the struggles of life. It also helps to connect communities and family members. With so much time spent online and streaming these days, playing in the garden brings us back to reality and really does help keep us grounded. Share your love of gardening, plants, and flowers with your friends, it could change their world and in turn, change our world!


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