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Despite the lack of a snowy (or even cold) winter we’ve been experiencing this year, the “cold and flu” season has not been a stranger. Since I was unfortunately plagued with one of these lovely head colds this week, the fourth 3×3 Garden is going to have to wait. However, lucky for you, this means a post by a guest blogger today! Today’s post actually comes from Vanessa, my graphic designer who is responsible for the great new look of the Bulb Blog. Vanessa is a wonderfully artsy, creative person who never ceases to amaze me with her new ideas and ambition in trying new things. After seeing her photos of her latest creation, I told her she must share it with our readers! Vanessa writes:

Ever since jumping on Pinterest this summer, I’ve been inspired to create a miniature succulent garden. I’ve seen so many neat examples of how to incorporate succulents into your indoor lifestyle. For example, using a shadowbox and a frame to put together living artwork, a succulent necklace, hanging succulents in glass bulbs and so on. The inspiration on Pinterest is constantly flowing.

So, finally after longing to bring some life to my cold, dreary February, I decided to go for it. First, I went to our local craft store and picked up a shallow glass bowl and some decorative rocks. Then, I made a trip to a local garden center to pick out three succulents and some cactus-succulent potting soil to create my own living oasis. When picking out these succulents, I chose three types that were different heights, shapes, and textures.

When I got home I broke out the soil on my kitchen floor to begin. I first added rocks to the bottom of the bowl to help with drainage. Second I filled in some potting soil. Next, I took the two taller succulents and grouped them with each other in the back. Then I took the smaller, rose-like succulents and scattered them about in the front – trying to make the garden look natural. Lastly, I added some more potting soil and placed some more rocks on top to complete the look.

Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

I also did some research on succulents, since I’ve never grown them before. It’s important that you get the correct potting soil and provide good drainage, as succulents do not like to sit in water because they store water inside. I watered mine right away when I was done, but then intend to wait until the soil is very dry again before watering again. It is important to make sure to provide plenty of sun – though it is best not to leave them in direct sun as they will scorch. You can easily tell if you’ve over-watered or provided too much sun by looking at the plants. If they become pale or the edges curl, they are being over-watered. If you start seeing brown spots, move them further from their light source.

It seems pretty hard to kill succulents, and I hope this is true since I’m a newbie to the gardening world. What other ways do you bring life indoors while surviving the long winter?

P.S. Check out this other blog about Outdoor Living Inspiration, they are also featuring this succulent garden as their Weekend Do-It-Yourself Project!

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