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Bulb Bargain: Ice Follies Daffodils


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To some people when mentioning Ice Follies, they may first think of ice skating and watching an over the top ice skating spectacle!  However, in this case we are talking about the spectacle of blooms the Ice Follies Daffodil produces in spring. While Ice Follies are in the top 5 for most commonly planted daffodil bulbs, there is a reason for its popularity!  This mid-Spring blooming daffodil is a reliable perennial with large 3” diameter blooms that are ever changing in appearance. The color on these daffodils is not a stark white, so if that is what you are looking for this is not the one for you (try the Mount Hood Daffodil)! However, if you like a flower that evolves over the course of its life, where you can take a picture one day and then next day the picture would be different, then this is the bloom for you!

The large and subtly fragrant blooms start out a butter yellow color and fade to a nice creamy white color that compliments most other spring blooming bulbs.  Ice follies blend well with other daffodils –  I like to plant a mixture of Ice Follies, with some of my other favorites, like Fortune, Pink Charm and Dutch Master, for a spectacular display of Spring cheer!

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