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Late Spring Iris and Allium Garden (Includes FREE Garden Plan)


End the spring season with a colorful display of iris and allium flowers. Late spring is an exciting time for flowers and gardens. In late spring vegetable gardens have started and trees, shrubs and bulbs are still blooming. Transition into summer with a late spring garden of showy and colorful iris and allium. We’ll show you what plants you need, how to space them and even how to lay them out in the planting area.

Late Spring Iris and Allium Garden Details

Bulbs Needed

The bulbs listed above will cover a planting area that is approximately 150 square feet. The example area in the design image is 15′ wide and 10′ tall.

Back Row Planting Details Allium giganteum and White Giant Allium

The back row of this garden design will be planted with tall alliums. The tall alliums included in this plan have large and showy blooms. Allium giganteum grows 36-48″ tall. Plant in groups of 3 bulbs on the left and right side of the back planting area, spacing each bulb 6-10″ from each other. In the center of the back area of the planting bed plant 3 White Giant Allium. This tall white globe-shaped allium grows 36-48″ tall, space the White Giant Allium 8-10″ apart.

Center Row Planting Details Bold Look Bearded Iris and Victoria Falls Bearded Iris

Two complementary bearded iris varieties take center stage. The bright gleaming golden yellow Bold Look Bearded Iris flank the right and left side of the center planting area. Three Bold Look Bearded Iris are planted on each side, space each rhizome 12-18″ from each other in a staggered pattern. Plant five Victoria Falls Re-Blooming Bearded Iris in the center of the planting bed. Space the Victora Falls 12-18″ from each other in a staggered pattern.

Front Row Planting Details

A combination of allium and intermediate bearded iris are in the forefront of the design. Plant three Goldkist Bearded Iris on each side in the front of the planting area. Space the Goldkist Bearded Iris 12″ from each other in a staggered pattern. Plant five low-growing Ostara Allium bulbs front and center. These showy allium only grow 12-18″ tall, and each bulb should be spaced 8-12″ from the next bulb.

Late Spring Spectacular Garden

End the spring season with a bang by planting this combination of allium and iris. Both allium and iris can be used as cut flowers in bouquets and vases. They are also both deer and rabbit-resistant. Lastly, iris and allium are strong perennials that will return to the garden for years. Therefore, planting this late spring garden in fall will have you reaping the rewards for years to come! Get the complete Late Spring Spectacular Garden online by visiting Holland Bulb Farms here.

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