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New Dreams for Fall 2012!


Mixed Purple Tulips

As hard as it is to believe, the fall season is just around the corner. Personally, I have to admit that I’m ready for it. This summer has been one hot spell after another and I’m getting a bit tired of living in a somewhat stale atmosphere due to the constant air conditioning (not to mention the constant whirr of the window units we’re forced to rely upon in our 1920’s colonial).

To be honest, autumn is by far my most favorite season. My only complaint about this season is that it is much too short. There are so many characteristics about this time of year that I anticipate as summer draws to a close: cooler nights (perfect “sleeping weather”, as my father always says), lots of sunny days, gorgeous color on the trees, pleasantly-scented candles, fires in the fireplace, pumpkin spice lattes…the list could go on. One of my favorite things about anticipating the months of September, October, and November, however, is the thrill of adding fall-planted bulbs and root starts to my gardens. There’s nothing like a clear, crisp autumn day spent digging in the dirt before the snow flies. And the best part: I then get to reap the benefits of my labor in the spring with little to no energy expended on my part! I wanted to share with you a few of the relatively new items I’m looking forward to planting during this most glorious time of the year:

IrisLouisiana Dutch Iris blooms in early summer, grows 18-24″ tall in full to part sunNever before has there been an iris so tried and true to handle wet soils! These Louisiana Iris can practically grow in shallow standing water and make excellent selections for water garden areas along ponds and streams. The vibrant colors make sure they’ll be noticed.

HostaRainforest Sunrise Hosta¬†grows 10-14″ tall in partial to full shadeI’m not sure it would matter what this plant looked like…I absolutely LOVE the name! When unique varieties of hosta (for instance, not in a row of 20+ of the same boring variety) are used in the right application, I couldn’t be more in love. This beauty is a perfect example. The lime green leaves are edged with non-uniform splashes of darker green. Gorgeous when used singly or in small groups of three in a shade garden.
Prairie Moon PeonyPrairie Moon Peony blooms in late spring, grows 30-36″ tall in full to part sunA beloved classic, this peony is reminiscent of days gone by. Unlike the full, almost fluffy petals of typical peonies, the Prairie Moon is as graceful as it is stunning with it’s fragile butter yellow to cream petals. It also has a light sweet scent, perfect for those of us who can sometimes be overwhelming by the strong fragrance of oriental lilies. Truly a show-stopper for a vintage fan like me!

Red Ember Dutch IrisRed Ember Dutch Iris blooms in late spring, grows 18-24″ tall in full to part sunI usually try to stay diverse in my selections of “new endeavors”, but I just couldn’t resist this one. Always a fan of the elegant foliage and narrow stature of the dutch iris, I have longed for a burgundy to red option for quite some time. I can just imagine how the rich hues of these will look when planted in mass as the brilliant yellow tongues dance in the late spring breezes. Almost gives me the chills!

Purple Blend Tulip MixPurple Blend Tulips Mix blooms most of the spring,grows 22-26″ tall in fall to part sunNot necessarily a “new item” per say, but rather a genius pairing of species! Holland Bulb Farms is offering this exclusive mix for planting this fall and I couldn’t be more excited (there’s a reason my daughters currently call every color “purple”…it’s Mommy’s fave!). This mixture contains double, fringed, mid- and late blooming purple and white tulips. I can’t even wait to cut some to bring in the house – instant bouquet!

Now can you see why I’m excited? So many wonderful things about fall…and so many amazing options to plant! What are you looking forward to planting this fall most?

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