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Red White and Pink Flowers 5 Combinations We LOVE!


Love is all around! February is full of hearts, cupids, flowers, and a lot of red, white, and pink—everywhere! This classic combination of red, white, and pink is often associated with Valentine’s Day. But, that doesn’t mean red, white, and pink are only for Valentine’s Day. This powerful, and sweet combination has a place in the spring and summer garden. Red and white create pink, therefore, combining these three colors naturally works well in the garden. Create a loving and powerful garden all year with these 5 combinations.

Red, White, and Pink Flower Combinations

These combinations will set to inspire beginner flower gardeners as well as seasoned gardeners. If the red, white, and pink plan in your garden is for cut flowers these combinations will provide flowers for your vases. Whether you have sun or shade we have a combination that will work for your light settings.

Classic Fragrant Lily Collection

Classic Fragrant Lily Collection

Classic Fragrant Lily Collection

Lilies flowering in summer provide one of the scents of summer. This trio of classic Oriental Lilies blooms in mid-summer in shades of pink, white, and red. Plant lilies in hardiness zones 4-9, in full to partial shade. Oriental Lilies grow 36-42″ tall on average.

Stargazer Lilies are the most popular Oriental Lilies and are included in this collection. Stargazer lilies are commonly seen in cut flower displays. They are loved for their highly scented blooms and bold pink/red flowers.

To complement the Stargazer Lilies are the fun and festive Muscadet Oriental Lily. These white flowers are speckled with pink and red dots and accentuate the pink and red blooms.

Curly Sue Oriental Lilies are light pink and fragrant. Their large blooms look spectacular in a cut flower display.

Astilbe Collection

Astilbe Collection

Astilbe Collection

Astilbe are hardy perennials that thrive in shaded garden settings. Once established in the garden they will live for a long time. The key to growing astilbe with success is to make sure they have plenty of moisture. Do not let astilbe plants dry out when they are first getting established in the garden.

Fanal Red Astilbe, Sprite Pink Astilbe, and Bridal Veil Astilbe are included in this trio. All three varieties will bloom in early to mid-summer. Sprite Pink will be the first to bloom followed by Fanal Red and Bridal Veil. Add these colorful shade-loving flowers to your summer garden this year.

Astilbe grows in hardiness zones 3-9 and thrives in partial to full shade.

Peony Collection

Peony Collection

Peony Collection

Fragrant and large blooms define peony plants. These long-lived perennials can remain in the garden for 75+ years. Blooms appear in late spring, typically in the months of May and June. Peonies grow in a range of climates but will require some cold temperatures for buds to form. Therefore, peonies grow best in hardiness zones 3-8.

The peony collection is another trio of red, white, and pink flowers. Sarah Bernhardt Peony is a soft pink peony. Karl Rosenfeld Peony is a deep pink/red double peony. Shirley Temple Peony is a pure white peony.

Plant these three peonies together in the garden with 36″ spacing between each plant. They can also be planted in various areas of the garden to spread the red, white and blooms throughout. All three peonies in this collection are fragrant and have double blooms, excellent for cut flower displays.

Plant peony roots 1-2″ deep. Peonies do not like to be moved once they are established, plan for where they are planted for them to stay long term.

Bleeding Hearts Collection

Bleeding Hearts Collection

Bleeding Hearts Collection

What’s not to LOVE about these heart-shaped flowers. Bleeding hearts are a classic old-fashioned perennial that thrives in the shade. Evoking feelings of nostalgia for many, as these perennial plants have been part of our gardens for decades.

Included in this trio is a combination of red bleeding hearts, pink bleeding hearts, and white bleeding hearts. They all bloom at the same time in mid-spring. Plant bleeding hearts in shade to part shade, in soil that is moist but drains well.

Bleeding hearts go dormant in the heat of summer, therefore, leaving a void in the summer garden. Consider planting the Astilbe Collection in the same area as the bleeding hearts to make up for the void they leave when dormant.

A Lady's Favorite Calla Collection

A Lady’s Favorite Calla Collection

 A Lady’s Favorite Calla Collection

Calla lilies are at the top for cut flowers. They last long in vases, and almost have a fake appearance–but they are real! These tropical bulbs can be grown in the ground, but also grow well in containers. These are the must-have flower for any cutting garden. Hardy in zones 8-10 calla lilies can be grown in colder climates. To grow calla lilies in zones 3-7 treat them as an annual or store the flower bulbs indoors in winter.

The red, white, and pink flowers in this collection are sure to make any lady happy. Albomaculata Calla Lilies have large creamy white flowers. Included are also Intimate Queen Calla lilies which have pure white blooms. Lipstick Calla Lilies are deep red/pink. Lavender Gem Calla Lilies are a purple/pink color. This combination of red, pink, and white flowers makes a lovely display for vases and bouquets.

Let Love Grow All Year with Red White and Pink Flowers!

Plan a garden of love, with the colors of love–red, white, and pink. The combinations mentioned above provide blooms in spring and summer. Fragrance and cut flowers are a bonus. Thriving in sun or shade there is a way to add red, white, and pink flowers to the garden in any setting. Don’t forget about fall planting and plan for spring blooms of pink, red, and white with tulips in those colors as well!


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