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Top 12 Unique Daffodils to Plant this Fall


Daffodils are some of the most recognizable spring flowers. They signify that spring has arrived and help usher in a new season of growth and change. Gardeners adore daffodils for their ease of growth, resistance to common pests, and colorful blooms. Standard yellow or white daffodils or even a mix of daffodils are the most common types seen growing in gardens. However, there are tens of thousands of cultivars that have been produced. Therefore, limiting your garden to plain yellow or white isn’t necessary. Jazz up your spring gardens and bouquets by planting some of these 12 Unique Daffodils this fall.

Unique Daffodils: Our Top 12 Favorites

1.) Rip Van Winkle Daffodil Rip Van Winkle Daffodil

A delightful mid-spring blooming double daffodil. Rip Van Winkle Daffodil bears double yellow flowers with spiky petals. Growing only 6-12″ tall Rip Van Winkle is perfect for rock gardens, border plantings and can be used for indoor forcing.

2.) Thalia Daffodil Thalia Daffodil

Pure white blooms appear on this sleek and slender daffodil. Thalia Daffodil is an all-around charmer. Fragrant delicate white blooms are deer-resistant and bloom in mid-spring. This reliable perennial daffodil will grow 10-16″ and pairs well with mid-spring blooming tulips like vibrant pink Don Quichotte Tulip. Plant Thalia Daffodils with Red Impression Tulips and Blue Jacket Hyacinths for a patriotic-themed garden.

3.) Accent Daffodil Accent Daffodil

This was the first pink daffodil offered on the retail flower bulb market. Accent Daffodil is a timeless classic. It has strong deep salmon-pink cups surrounded by pure white petals. Accent Daffodil is deer resistant and looks lovely in a vase when used as a cut flower. Growing 12-18″ tall Accent Daffodil looks best planted in groups of 3-5 bulbs in beds and borders.

4.) Bridal Crown Daffodil Bridal Crown Daffodil

Not only does this double daffodil have unique daffodil blooms, it also blooms later in the daffodil bloom season. Bridal Crown Daffodil has smaller tightly bound ivory petals that form together resembling a crown. Each stem will bear 3-4 of these intricate daffodil blooms, appearing on each side of the stem. Bridal Crown Daffodil looks divine planted with late blooming tulips like Queen of Night Single Late Tulip or Black Hero Double Tulip.

5.) Vanilla Peach Daffodil Vanilla Peach Daffodil

This delicious and exquisite butterfly daffodil will be a sweet treat in the spring garden. Blooming in mid-spring the Vanilla Peach Daffodil stands out among the crowd. The petals are creamy-white with a pink cup that has shades of yellow and peach throughout. Plant Vanilla Peach Daffodils with yellow and pink daffodils and tulips to compliment the colors seen in the petals.

6.) Minnow Rock Garden Daffodil Minnow Daffodil

A dainty and delightful yellow and white daffodil for mid-spring. Minnow Rock Garden Daffodil can be summed up in one word: adorable! These miniature daffodils only grow 6-12″ tall and have tiny 1″ diameter blooms. Plant in mass plantings grouping 7-9 bulbs together in one hole or as a front border trench for the biggest impact. Grow with Blue Grape Hyacinths along a woodland edge for a naturalized look.

7.) Peach Cobbler Double Daffodil Peach Cobbler Daffodil

A delectable selection of abundant double daffodils! Peach Cobbler Double Daffodil has large fully double creamy yellow and peach blooms. This spicy daffodil blooms in mid-spring with showy blooms that are deer-resistant. Peach Cobbler Daffodil is fragrant and looks lovely in a bouquet or vase.

8.) Pheasant’s Eye Daffodil Pheasant's Eye Daffodil

Everything about this daffodil is different, from the very late bloom to the red circle around the center of the cup, this daffodil just does it differently. Pheasant’s Eye Daffodil is best enjoyed close up to take in all the unique characteristics. The pure white petals are accented by a dainty yellow cup with a distinct red line on the edge of the cup.  Plant in large groups of bulbs for the biggest and best display of these unique daffodils. Pheasant’s Eye Daffodil grows 12″ tall, and is perennial and deer resistant.

9.) Solar Wind Double Daffodil Solar Wind Double Daffodil

Blooming bright like the sun, Solar Wind Double Daffodil is a showy mid-spring blooming daffodil. This perennial daffodil grows 16-18″ with large white and yellow blooms up to 4″ in diameter. When the large and fully double blooms fully open in spring they will benefit from being staked with an easy-to-use plant stake. Solar Wind Double Daffodil is deer-resistant, perennial, showy, and makes an excellent cut flower.

10.) Teal Trumpet Daffodil Teal Trumpet Daffodil

This daffodil flower color pattern is an inverse of the usual. The petals are golden buttery yellow and accented by a white center cup. This color pattern is unusual, as most white and yellow daffodils have white petals with yellow centers. Teal Trumpet Daffodil is traditional in other ways growing 20-24″ tall with large trumpet-shaped blooms similar in size to the popular Dutch Master Daffodil. This reliable perennial daffodil is deer-resistant and like most daffodils grows in hardiness zones 3-8.

11.) My Story Double Daffodil My Story Double Daffodil

Telling the story of spring, filled with soft colors blended with vibrant fresh colors, My Story Double Daffodil is an exceptional double pink daffodil. Ample fully double blooms appear in mid-spring. The outer petals are pure white with soft pink petals focused in the center of the blooms. My Story Double Daffodil pairs well with fragrant hyacinths like Fondant Hyacinth and Delft Blue Hyacinth. It also works well with pastel tulips like World Friendship Triumph Tulip and Pink Impression Darwin Hybrid Tulips.

12.) Tom Pouce Daffodil Tom Pouce Daffodil

A fragrant and exquisitely colored daffodil that will please the eyes. Tom Pouce Daffodil has yellow petals with peachy salmon cups. Best grown in filtered sun to avoid the petals from washing out in intense full sun settings. Tom Pouce is a mid-spring blooming daffodil that is deer and rabbit-resistant.

Be Bold and Unique with Different Daffodils

Plan to have a spring full of bold colors and shapes with any of the 12 daffodils mentioned above. Plant these unique daffodils with standard varieties of tulips, hyacinths, and other spring blooms to let the unique daffodils really shine. Daffodils are diverse and some of the easiest bulbs to grow. Therefore, if you have tried the standard mixes and yellow daffodils, give these fun and flavorful daffodils a try this fall for bold blooms next spring.



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