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Waxed Amaryllis: The Hottest Gift of the Season!


Waxed Amaryllis

What the what? A waxed amaryllis? What is a waxed amaryllis? Perhaps those were things you said when you read the title about Waxed Amaryllis. Well, one thing they are not are flowers made out of wax. A waxed amaryllis is an amaryllis bulb that is hand-dipped in melted wax with a ring-shaped stand attached at the bottom of the bulb. The wax is melted at just the right temperature so that it does not cause any damage to the bulb and it is allowed to cool, forming a solid, smooth shell around the bulb. During the dipping process, a metal stand is applied to the base of the bulb, so that it can stand on its own. The bulbs are prepared in a special way in Holland that allows the bulb to retain enough energy and water to bloom even when encased in a wax coating.  All the work has been done to make the waxed amaryllis the ideal gift this holiday season!
Gold Base Waxed Amaryllis

Waxed amaryllis require no care to produce a bloom, making it the perfect present for grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, your mail carrier or child’s teacher. If you are unsure how good people are at growing plants it doesn’t matter – these no-maintenance flowers will do all the work themselves, blooming 4-8 weeks after shipping. All a person needs to do is place the waxed amaryllis bulb on their desk, fireplace mantle, kitchen table, or anywhere else you want a lovely display of blooms to be seen.

Waxed Amaryllis flowers are beautiful red/orange like the traditional amaryllis that grow in pots. Holland Bulb Farms offers these with waxed coverings in beautiful hues of red, silver, gold, green picasso, white and green, perfect for the holiday season! If you want blooms for your Thanksgiving festivities you will want to purchase your Waxed Amaryllis in late October or early November. For blooms around Christmas or New Years Day order your waxed amaryllis ready in mid to late November.

Green Base Waxed Amaryllis

Did I mention how easy the wax amaryllis bulbs are to grow? They basically grow themselves. There is one drawback to these bulbs in that they are pretty much only good for single use. Sometimes, though, if you do peel the wax off after the first bloom time and plant them outside in spring there is a chance for growth and potential blooms the following season.

The ease of growing, decorative flair and unique look make the wax amaryllis the hottest gift this holiday season. Candies and chocolates are nice, but an amaryllis bulb dipped in wax will provide interest for weeks into the new year!

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