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Winter Blahs


Winter Dreaming

They’re calling it The Great Blizzard of 2011. And boy was it ever! In a snowstorm bigger than we’ve seen in over ten years, my piece of the world here in Wisconsin was definitely part of the one-third of the country that was hit. In fact, I sit here now, looking out a window that is nearly halfway obstructed by a 4’+ snowdrift. As “inconvenient” as the snow was, there’s something about an amazing stretch of weather like that which makes a person sit back in awe. And I have to admit: I don’t mind seeing the freshly fallen mounds of snow, especially when I’m enjoying the sights from the warm indoors. It’s when that white stuff starts to turn not-so-white after a time that it really starts to get under my skin.


Will this day EVER come?

So it’s days like today that make me wonder: will we EVER see the green grass again? Will I ever be able to walk outside without 5 layers on and drive home with my windows open? And the answer is of course I will. But don’t those days seem so far away when you’re trudging to your car, attempting not to slip on the ice patches, peering out between a scarf and a hood? A warm summer day, lying on a lawn chair in the grass while sipping lemonade almost feels like a whole world away during a week like this. But the cool thing I realized, was that on that day, when I’ll be lying in a lawn chair enjoying that glass of lemonade, a day like today with the snowdrift covering my window and my wet boots making a puddle on the floor next to me will also be a world away. What a wonderful thought!

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