As an e-commerce business that sells flower bulbs – when Spring time rolls around, you can bet that we head to nearby gardens to take in the beautiful spring blooms! Every time we visited this Spring we saw something different yet breathtaking.

The first time we were greeted with an abundance of Daffodils. Yellow Dutch Masters, Miniature Daffodils, Double Daffodils and the unique Daffodils like the Rip Van Winkle Daffodil.



The following visit, we were in Tulip Heaven. Mixes of pink, reds and yellows included Double Tulips, Lily Flowering Tulips and Fosteriana Tulips. Just about every type and color of Tulip imaginable was planted in the fall.



And the most recent trip it was as if we stepped into a watercolor painting of beautiful Bearded Iris and enjoyed a few other perennials that were¬†starting to grow and bloom…



Hopefully our next visit to¬†the local gardens will bring Peonies galore! Do you ever visit local gardens to see what’s in bloom?