No matter how hard I try, my best-laid plans for planting new items in my garden each spring don’t always come to fruition. This year was no exception.

This past weekend, as I was “tidying up” the yard after weeding the garden, I stumbled upon an elephant ear which never got planted when I brought it home a few months back. In my personal experience, I have always found elephant ears to be a little tricky to get sprouted in a cooler Midwest climate. Being a plant native to more tropical regions, its no wonder they require large amounts of heat and water to sprout! So you can imagine my surprise when this is the condition in which I found my elephant ear, utterly neglected and void of soil:

What a fighter! I have since placed him in a large pot of soil in hopes that  he’ll continue to grow in his new home as marvelously as he did sitting under my bench on hard concrete in my backyard. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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