Crazy for Caladiums!

One of the best bulbs for shaded areas, but unfortunately also one of the most over-looked is the Caladium. Grown primarily for their foliage, these larger-leaved plants will add color to the shaded areas of a landscape all season long with their colorful leaves. A close relative of the sun-loving Elephant Ear, Caladiums grow much shorter, often topping out at 20″ tall, these plants make great borders or accents between shade-loving perennials.


This F.M. Joyner Caladium will be sure to add delight to the shaded areas of your garden!

Caladiums are commonly categorized into two groups, based on their leaf morphology: Fancy Leaf and Strap Leaf varieties. Fancy leaf caladiums are the more common of the two and have broad heart-shaped or almost arrowhead-shaped leaves. They also generally grow a bit taller than the Strap Leaf type. The Strap Leaf generally have a more pointed, narrow, heart-shaped leave shape and produce a more compact plant.

Growing Caladiums

Again, one of the best plants for shade but also one of the most over-looked bulbs, caladiums definitely deserve a spot in your garden. Their colorful foliage and perfect height make them a “must-have” for the darker areas of the landscape and add a great texture !

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