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3x3 Garden #4: The Vibrant Sun Perennial Trio

3×3 Garden #4: The Vibrant Sun Perennial Trio

If you’re anything like me, the thought of digging up a bulb during the fall months and keeping it somewhere safe until spring is a bit daunting. Will I do it? Yes, but it doesn’t particularly top my list of fave “to-do’s”. So for this week’s 3 x 3 Garden Trio, I decided to focus...
3 x 3 Garden #2: The Apricot Shade Trio

3 x 3 Garden #2: The Apricot Shade Trio

Just as I promised, the second garden in my 3X3 Garden Series is specially suited for all of you shade-dwellers! The wonderful warm color of apricot is one of my personal favorites in the garden as it catches the eye without over-powering everything else. While bright splashes of colors such as yellow and pink can...
The 3x3 Garden Series (and no, I'm not talking dimensions...)

The 3×3 Garden Series (and no, I’m not talking dimensions…)

With the New Year upon us, I’ve been thinking it’s time for a fresh, new idea for the Bulb Blog. Sure, there are a million and one gardening topics I could cover (and still intend to continue doing) but I like to keep things interesting, both for you as my readers and for myself as...