Like most women, I rarely receive flowers as often as I’d like (no offense to my male readers). Every once in a while, I’ll splurge and pick some up for my own kitchen table but there just seems to be something wrong about spending $25+ on a bouquet of flowers for MYSELF. And this is yet another reason why I love summer in the Midwest…

When my husband and I purchased our home near the Main Street of our new village, I knew we had found the perfect place for us. What I didn’t realize, was that we were within walking distance of our village’s weekly Farmer’s Market. Our local market is open every Wednesday from May until November. Not only is it the prime place to find the freshest produce, the largest perennials, and the nicest people, but it is also the best place I’ve found to treat myself to a fresh floral arrangement. The bouquet I have pictured here cost me a measly $8.00 (not much more than what my husband would spend on a value meal at McDonald’s). To top it off, the day I purchased these, the local grower was having a “Beat the Heat” special and gave away three HUGE sunflowers with every purchase of a bouquet. I surprised our nanny with them when I returned home since I was so extremely grateful to leave the house alone that day 🙂


Not sure where to find your nearest local Farmer’s Market? Check out any of the following websites for the most up-to-date information for your area:

USDA Farmer’s Market Finder

Local Harvest

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One other interesting note: if you’re currently planning a summer wedding and looking for a way to save some money, check out your local farmer’s markets for growers of these fabulous flowers. Many will accommodate wedding flowers for MUCH cheaper than your local florist. You may need to be a tad more flexible on the varieties/colors of the arrangements but they are still oh-so-beautiful and look a tad more “country” than the formal typical wedding bouquets.

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