Roses are a very rewarding garden treat. If planted in the correct location, the work to keep them looking beautiful can be minimal. We hope you will try to your hand at a beautiful rose bush in your garden this year.


drawingTips for planting Bareroot Roses:

  • Plant as soon as you can after receiving the roses.
  • If you can’t plant the roses right away, be sure to keep the roots and canes moist. Either bury them in a temporary location until you can plant or moisten the stems and wrap to keep them moist.
  • Plant in a full sun location, with soil that drains well.
  • When you are ready to plant, soak the roots in water for 2-24 hours prior to planting.
  • Dig a hole 18” by 18” for each rose bush you will be planting.
  • Add nutrients to your planting hole like composted manure, and a fertilizer high in phosphorus.
  • Remove any damaged roots and canes. Long roots should be trimmed back to 8” prior to planting.
  • Place the rose in the hole with the crown (graft union) above ground level. Stabilize the plant by holding it in place while backfilling with the soil and amended soil you dug out.
  • Water the hole and surrounding area well with a hose or watering can to make sure your new rose plant has plenty of moisture.