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Plant these 5 Flower Bulb Mixes for Blooms ALL Spring


Mixed flower bulbs are one of the best ways to get an assortment of colors in your garden. They also tend to be more budget-friendly. Planting too many mixed packages that bloom simultaneously may cause a chaotic effect depending on where they are planted. However, strategically planning for mixed packages that bloom at different times in spring will create a harmonious garden of blooms for weeks to months on end. The five packages listed below will help to create a colorful and cohesive garden of spring blooms.

Mixed Flower Bulbs: 5 Packs that Provide Blooms for Months in Spring

Sweet Little Birds Groundcover Spring Bulb Mix

Sweet Little Birds Mix

Sweet Little Birds Spring Blooming Mix

Start the spring season with an assortment of adorable groundcover spring blooms. The colors of spring are emulated in this mixed package of dainty delights. King of the Striped Crocus is a giant crocus that blooms early in spring with purple and white striped blooms. Siberian Squill and Blue Grape Hyacinth beam with true blue flowers that stay low to the ground, topping out at 4-6″. The daisy-shaped blooms of White Splendour Anemone are sure to bring cheer with their white and yellow flowers. Sweet Little Birds Spring Blooming Mix is perfect for border plantings, woodland gardens, and quaint pathways.  Blooming in early to mid-spring this mix is the perfect way to usher in the new spring season.

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mix

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mix

Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mix

This is a reliable mix of warm-colored tulips that bloom in mid-spring. Darwin Hybrid Tulips are at the top of the list of the most reliable tulips. They have a tendency to be perennial and return to the garden for 2-3+ seasons when planted in the right growing conditions. Gardeners love Darwin Hybrid Tulips due to their perennial nature but also for their large and brightly colored flowers. This mix blooms in shades of red, yellow, orange, pink and white. The blooms last up to 2 weeks in mid-spring, often blooming for Mother’s Day.

Mixed Naturalizing Daffodils

Daffodils Mix

Mixed Daffodils Naturalizing

Mixed daffodils are the best choice when reliable and easy-to-grow flower bulbs are needed. Blooming with an assortment of flower colors and sizes, this mix provides plenty of color through the mid-spring blooming season. Daffodils are deer-resistant, reliably perennial, and grow in zones 3-8. These adaptable and versatile spring bloomers will produce an array of colorful blooms for 2+ weeks in mid-spring. Daffodils that naturalize will multiply and naturally produce more bulbs over the course of several years. This mix works great in any garden bed or border, but also in natural wooded areas that need a pop of bright color in spring.

Bubble Blend Allium Mix

Bubble Blend Allium Mix

Bubble Blend Allium Mix

This whimsical mix of globe-shaped blooms is the perfect finale for the spring season. Dark purple, light purple, and white allium will bloom with spheres of 2-4″ in diameter blooms as spring exits and summer begins. Bubble Blend Allium Mix is a deer-resistant combination of flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. They are reliably perennial and will return to your garden for many years. When the flowers are finished blooming the dried allium blooms can be spray painted to be used for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Mixed Asiatic Lily Flowers

Mixed Asiatic Lilies

Mixed Asiatic Lilies

Start summer off with some bright and cheery Asiatic Lily blooms. This mix of Asiatic Lilies produces flowers at the end of spring and into the early weeks of summer. Asiatic Lilies are easy to grow, and hardy in zones 3-8. Their blooms face upward and often have spots on them. This mixed pack of Asiatic lilies will bloom in red, pink, white, yellow, and orange.

Plant and Plant for Months of Colorful Flower Bulbs

Planting each of these 5 different mixed flower bulb packs will ensure blooms from early spring to early summer. The parade of flowers continues to bloom and provides an assortment of colors and bloom types. Adding these mixed packs to your garden takes the planning and guesswork out of creating a long-blooming garden in spring. Get ready to dig in the dirt this fall to prepare for a parade of mixed flower blooms this spring.

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