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Tulip Series: Darwin Hybrid Tulips


White Darwin Hybrid Tulips


  • Bloomtime: Mid Spring
  • Height: 18 – 30″
  • Petal Shape/Habit: Large, pyramid-shaped before fully open
  • Planting Depth: 6 – 8” below soil surface
  • Planting Spacing: 4 – 6” or in bouquets of 5 – 7 bulbs each
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun for best blooms
  • Hardy in Zones: 3 – 7

Perhaps the most desired and sought-after attribute of the Darwin Hybrid Tulips is their incredible ability to perennialize — and not only do they return year after year but they come back with more vigor, gusto and more blooms! (Tip: Flower stems should be removed once blooms begin to fade and leaves should be allowed to remain until they have died back.)  The Old Farmer’s Almanac also makes note of numerous specific varieties for their excellent naturalizing (multiplying) abilities. Due to their long, sturdy stems and brilliant colors, these “perennial tulips” are frequently acclaimed as the absolute best for growing for cut flowers.

The Red Impression Darwin Hybrid Tulip is, well…impressive! In my opinion they blow every other red tulip out of the water for their traditional size, stature and striking blooms. The large, gorgeous rosy red petals make a truly bold statement when used as accents throughout a garden or in large monochromatic plantings.

Red Darwin Hybrid TulipsRed Darwin Hybrid TulipsPink Impression Darwin Hybrid Tulips

The long bloom time, perennializing nature and bold colors make the Darwin Hybrid Tulips a mainstay in any spring bulb garden.

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