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Tulip Series: Fosteriana Tulips


Red Fosteriana Tulips


  • Bloomtime: Early Spring
  • Height: 10 – 20″
  • Petal Shape/Habit: Large, cup-shaped
  • Planting Depth: 6 – 8” below soil surface
  • Planting Spacing: 4 – 6” or in bouquets of 5 – 7 bulbs each
  • Light Requirements: Full Sun for best blooms
  • Hardy in Zones: 3 – 8

Best known for their immense blooms, Fosteriana Tulips are often called Emperor Tulips. These elegantly shaped tulips were cultivated from a wild species of tulips found in the mountains of Central Asia which explains their ability to come back year after year, even under drought-like conditions. Their bright colors make huge impacts when planted in large drifts and some will even appeal to our sense of smell with their amazing fragrance.

I truly believe that there is no other tulip more romantic than that of the Albert Heijn Fosteriana Tulip. The hues range from bright fluorescent pink to soft pink edges and pinkish purple exterior petals adding incredible dimension to each bloom. These look absolutely incredible when planted in large waves or alongside pure white tulips, such as the Exotic Emperor Tulip.

Pink TulipWhite TulipsOrange Tulip

Welcome spring with elegance and LOTS of color with Fosterianas!

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