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Viva Magenta: 2023 Color of the Year in the Summer Garden


Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year. The chosen color inspires trends in fashion, interior design, graphic design as well as packaging and plastics. It can also be a source of inspiration for what colors to add to the garden. Add the Pantone color of the year with flowers, foliage, pottery, or garden art. The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year is Viva Magenta! The great news is there is plenty of opportunity to add this color to your garden with summer-blooming flowers. Listed below are our favorite flowers that capture the spirit of Viva Magenta.

How to Add Viva Magenta to the Summer Garden

Before we start listing specific varieties to add to the garden, let’s get more details on what Viva Magenta is. From Pantone, Viva Magenta can be described as crimson with a tone of deep pink. It has been described as powerful, vibrating with vim and vigor, dynamic and joyful.Shades of pink and red that compliment Viva Magenta can also be added to the summer garden to get the feel of this bold color. Rosy pinks and dusty pinks pair well with this bold shade of red. On the other end of the spectrum deep burgundy red flowers also encapsulate the feel of Viva Magenta. Fortunately, these shades of pink and deep red are quite prevalent in summer flower bulbs and perennials.

Top Ten Viva Magenta Flowers

Avant Garden Clematis

Avant Garde Clematis

A unique clematis variety that starts blooming in mid-summer and continues until fall. Avant Garden Clematis flowers are 2-3″ in diameter in shades of deep crimson pink highlighted by light pink centers.
Clematis grow best on a trellis or fence that their vining tendrils can wrap around. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Be sure to keep the roots of the clematis cool by adding mulch or groundcover plants to the base.

Beverly Dreams Orienpet Lily

Beverly Dreams Orienpet Lily

This cream-colored lily has deep red to-pink centers that embody Viva Magenta. Beverly Dreams Orienpet Lily blooms is a tall lily that reaches up to 4′ in height when mature. This bold mid-summer bloomer has the fragrance and stature to stand out in a crowd.

Black Surprise Gladiolus

Black Surprise Gladiolus

Don’t let the name fool you! This hybrid gladiolus is a deep shade of red pink but definitely not black. Black SurpriseĀ  Gladiolus blooms 60-90 days after planting. Gladiolus are at the top of the list for popular cut flowers. Planting this gladiolus is an excellent way to incorporate Viva Magenta into your home decor in addition to the garden.

Brigitta Alida Dahlia

Brigitta Alida Dinnerplate Dahlia

This deep and sultry dahlia not only has a bold color but a bold size. Dinnerplate dahlias like Brigitta Alida can grow up to 10″ in diameter when grown in the proper growing conditions. Pruning the dahlia to remove the side buds also helps to ensure a large bloom.
Dahlias need a full-sun location that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sun per day. They begin blooming in mid-summer and will continue blooming through the autumn months until the first hard frost.

Night Embers Daylily

Night Embers Daylily

This double-petaled daylily blooms with deep crimson red flowers. Blooming in mid-summer, this easy-to-grow daylily will stand out in a full-sun perennial garden. Plant Night Embers Daylily in groupings of 3-5 for the best color impact to really put this perennial daylily on display.

Niobe Clematis

Niobe Clematis

A truly deep and dark clematis flower. Niobe Clematis is one of the darkest shades of red-pink clematis that is available. The blooms are large, growing up to 6-8″ in diameter. Blooming in the peak summer months of June and July this hardy sun-loving vine is a must-have flower.

Robinetta Miniature Gladiolus

Robinetta Hardy Miniature Gladiolus

This delightfully dainty gladiolus is the perfect blend of magenta and red. It’s not too dark and not too bright, just enough to say Viva Magenta!Robinetta miniature gladiolus grows 18-24″ tall. Their short stature does not require staking and makes them an appealing choice for planting in containers.

Ruby Port Columbine

Ruby Port Columbine

While it’s named ruby this spring perennial definitely has shades of a deep pink to red magenta. Columbine bloom in partial shade with exquisite flowers. Ruby Port Columbine is a double-blooming variety that displays a plethora of blooms in mid-spring.

Thunderhead Sedum

Thunderhead Sedum

Thunderhead Sedum is a deer-resistant perennial, which blooms in late summer. It matures at 24-30″ and attracts butterflies and bees. Add it to a mixed perennial garden for late-season pizazz!

Rostov Parrot Gladiolus

Rostov Parrot Gladiolus

Ruffled and luscious petals help Rostov Parrot Gladiolus to stand out in the crowd. Growing 3-4′ tall this traditional gladiolus is an excellent choice for a cutting garden. Plant in full sun, in soil that drains well. Tall gladiolus like Rostov will need to be staked when planted, learn more about growing gladiolus here.

Shades of Pink and Red

Viva Magenta has shades of pink and shades of red. It is hard to say whether it is all pink or all red, as it is a little of both. That is often how nature displays itself, blending colors to create an exciting display. Adding perennials and summer bulbs in the Viva Magenta color scheme will add vim and vigor which is what the color represents!

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