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Welcome to our Tulip Series!


White Tulips

The other week we posted about one the best-loved tulip varieties, the Triumph Tulips. We received such an overwhelming response to this post that we thought, why not continue the series and cover the other categories as well?!

Therefore, over the next several weeks, we’ll be highlighting a different tulip category in each post, sequencing them according to bloomtime so you can easily choose which would work best for your spring garden. Tulips (like most spring bulbs) can be divided into three main bloomtimes:

Early Spring Bloomers: Botanical/Species Tulips, Single Early Tulips, Double Early Tulips, Kaufmanniana/Greigii Tulips and Fosteriana Tulips

Mid Spring Bloomers: Darwin Hybrid Tulips, Parrot Tulips and Triumph Tulips

Late Spring Bloomers: Green (Viridiflora) Tulips, Fringed Tulips, Double Late Tulips, Lily-flowering Tulips and Bunch or Multiple-flowering Tulips

Keep in mind that when speaking of bloomtimes, what is early, mid-, and late spring in your area will not be the same as what this is in more northern or southern areas. For instance, early spring here in the upper Midwest is usually mid-April or so. But for those of you in Zones 7 and 8, early spring is more like early to mid-March.

Pink Fringed Tulips

Watch the Bulb Blog over these next few weeks for short, concise and to-the-point posts about each of the above mentioned categories and get over the confusion that all of these choices can cause! At the end of each post, I’ll even highlight my favorite from the category, just in case you still need a push in the right direction 😉

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