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I Really Loved It, so I Bought It

I Really Loved It, so I Bought It

It never quite feels like summer to me until my mom and I make our annual trip to the first weekend of the flea market in a beautiful place called Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Whether we come home with anything of importance really doesn’t matter. The feel of the sun on our shoulders, the “planning” of our...
The 3x3 Garden Series (and no, I'm not talking dimensions...)

The 3×3 Garden Series (and no, I’m not talking dimensions…)

With the New Year upon us, I’ve been thinking it’s time for a fresh, new idea for the Bulb Blog. Sure, there are a million and one gardening topics I could cover (and still intend to continue doing) but I like to keep things interesting, both for you as my readers and for myself as...