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All About Amaryllis Flowers: Commonly Asked Questions


Amaryllis bulbs are at the top of the list for easy to grow indoor blooms. They are popular during the late fall and winter months as holiday gifts. In addition to amaryllis being popular gardening gifts, they are a delight to gift to yourself to grow.  Even though amaryllis are some of the easiest flowers to grow inside your home there are still plenty of questions that surround these showy flowers. To get the most out of your amaryllis bulbs this season and beyond we have answers to all of your amaryllis flower questions.

Common Questions About Amaryllis Flowers

Red Lion Amaryllis

Red Lion Amaryllis

How long does it take for an Amaryllis to flower?

Amaryllis bulbs generally take 4-8 weeks after planting for a bloom to form. Some varieties of amaryllis are early bloomers and will produce a flower in a short amount of time after planting. Bulb size also plays a role in how long until they produce a bloom. Typically jumbo-sized amaryllis bulbs take longer to flower than standard or smaller bulbs.

Another factor in the bloom time of amaryllis is how they were prepared by the growers. Some amaryllis bulbs have been prepared prior to shipping to produce flowers sooner than others. Typically amaryllis bulbs found in amaryllis gift kits have been prepared to bloom the quickest from planting time.

Each amaryllis bulb will have at least 2-8 flower buds and flowers per stem. Double blooming varieties tend to have more flowers but they are smaller in size. Jumbo amaryllis bulbs tend to have fewer flowers per stem but they are much larger in size.

White Amaryllis

Matterhorn Amaryllis

How long do amaryllis flowers last?

When the buds on an amaryllis bloom start to open the flowers from each bud will last 3-7 days. How long the blooms last depends on the growing conditions. In dry indoor environments, the flowers will fade much quicker. Adding humidity to the room the amaryllis is in with a humidifier or even spray bottle can help the blooms last longer. When the flower buds begin to form on the amaryllis increase the amount of water the amaryllis is receiving. Water at least once per week once the flower bud has formed.

How often does an Amaryllis bloom?

Each amaryllis bulb is different therefore there is no exact number of times your amaryllis bulb will bloom each season. However, in general, most amaryllis bulbs will produce 2 or 3 cycles of blooms each season. Expect the initial set of blooms to appear 4-8 weeks after planting. When those blooms fade, more blooms can be seen within 1-3 weeks. For robust amaryllis, it is typical for a third set of buds and blooms to appear within a couple of weeks.

What to do when the amaryllis flower dies?

Once the amaryllis flowers fade you may remove the entire stalk and spent flowers. Cut the entire flower stem down to near soil level.

How to get an Amaryllis to re-bloom?

Amaryllis will naturally produce a series of flowers each season after planting without any extra effort. If blooms are desired the following season follow these steps:

  1. Plant your amaryllis bulb in a pot with soil covering 2/3 of the bulb. Place in sunny and warm location.
  2. Amaryllis will bloom 4-8 weeks after planting. Amaryllis typically produce 2-3 sets of blooms each season.
  3. When your amaryllis bloom dries up, cut the flower stem at soil level, but keep the leaves intact. Make sure that you wait 2-3 weeks after each bud has bloomed to see if any more buds come up before proceeding to the next step.
  4. When you’re sure that your bulb is done blooming for the season (all that is there is leaves and no flower buds) place your bulb and pot in a warm and sunny location until the danger of frost has passed.
  5. When the danger of frost has passed you can move it outside for a couple of months during the summer. This will help the leaves gather enough energy for the bulb to produce blooms the next season.
  6. In August or early September prepare the amaryllis for dormancy by cutting the leaves off and removing the bulb from the pot. Store the bulb in a dark location. Many people store their bulbs in their basements. Do not let your bulb freeze.
  7. In late October bring the amaryllis out of dormancy by re-potting the bulb and placing it in a well-lit and warm area.
  8. Wait 4-8 weeks to enjoy another cycle of amaryllis blooms.


Amaryllis Care Cycle

Amaryllis Care Cycle (click to view larger image)


How do I keep an Amaryllis bulb for next year?

To keep an amaryllis for next season follow the steps above for getting amaryllis to re-bloom. Alternatively, after the amaryllis puts its first set of blooms on for the season taking it outside is not always necessary.

Dormancy can be forced earlier on amaryllis bulbs by removing the stems and leaves after flowering and placing the amaryllis in a dry and dark location until the following fall. By doing this the blooms may not be as robust as they would be if the leaves were allowed to gather energy through the sun in spring and summer.

Why is my amaryllis not blooming?

If this is the first season with your amaryllis there are a couple reasons you may not be seeing any blooms. Overwatering can cause growth problems as the bulbs like to be kept dry prior to blooming. Amaryllis are tropical bulbs that prefer warm locations for the best results. If they are in a cold area it could cause them to delay blooming.

Lollypop Waxed Amaryllis

Lollypop Waxed Amaryllis

If amaryllis bulbs are harvested too early by growers this can cause them to produce leaves and no flowers. The leaves gather energy for the next season’s blooms; therefore if they have not collected enough energy prior to harvest they may not bloom. Typically when this happens there is nothing the person growing them did wrong, they may just have to wait until next season for flowers.

What care do waxed amaryllis require?

Amaryllis bulbs encased in wax will produce lovely blooms multiple times each season. Waxed amaryllis require no water to get them to bloom as well as no planting.

Just place the waxed amaryllis bulb on a steady surface and wait a few weeks for the bulbs to bloom–no water or care necessary. When the amaryllis is done blooming you can remove the wax from the bulb and provide a dormant season to set up blooms for the following year.

Get the most out of your amaryllis bulbs this season

Whether you are enjoying an amaryllis bulb that was gifted to you or you want to set up a friend for success know that you can have months of joy from your amaryllis bulb. Naturally, these easy to grow bulbs produce multiple blooms per stem. They also will repeat bloom 2-3 times per season which provides months of color in your home. Follow the steps to prepare your amaryllis to bloom again next year and those months of enjoyment will turn into years.

Bonus if you are in a warm and tropical climate as amaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors and enjoyed as a perennial.

For additional tips on planting and caring for amaryllis bulbs check out these tips for growing and caring for amaryllis bulbs.

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