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Grow a Monochromatic Garden This Spring


There are so many colors to choose from when planning what to grow in your garden. Choosing what flower colors to plant in the garden can be difficult. To make life easier consider sticking with one color for the theme of your spring garden. Use different shades of the color you choose to create a monochromatic garden theme.

What is a monochromatic garden scheme?

A monochromatic garden uses one color throughout the entire garden. Using different shades of the selected color is necessary in a monochromatic garden scheme. Add neutrals like black or white to help the colors stand out, and create definition.

Creating a monochromatic themed garden is not limited to flower colors selected. Foliage plays a role in creating a single-color garden, using foliage that aligns with the color scheme of your garden is important. For example, a yellow-themed garden should also incorporate shades of yellow to yellow/green foliage as well.  A purple-themed garden will certainly want to have purple foliage plants included as well as purple flowering plants.

Garden accents like pots, garden decor, and furniture all will contribute to creating the look you want. Using black or white pots is an excellent way to add the neutral touch needed to complete a single-color garden scheme.

Monochromatic Garden Ideas for Spring

Bright and Sunny Yellow Collection

Bright and Sunny Yellow Collection

Bright and Sunny Yellow Garden

Yellow is an energizing color. In the spring garden yellow can help brighten up the feel of the garden. The bright and sunny yellow garden collection features yellow flowers that bloom at various times in spring. Your yellow garden will be bursting with bright and sunny energy from early to late spring.

The first to bloom in this all yellow garden are Yellow Giant Crocus. They are the first flowers to let us know spring is here!

Gigantic Star Daffodil, Dutch Master Daffodil, and Tete a Tete daffodils will bloom in early to mid-spring at varying times. Daffodils are deer and critter resistant and some of the easiest bulbs to grow!

While the daffodils are blooming glowing yellow tulips will also put a show on in the mid-spring garden. Golden Apeldoorn Darwin Hybrid Tulips are reliably perennial and have large golden-yellow blooms.

Yellow Crown Imperial adds a unique flair to the mid-spring garden and can be planted among the daffodils and tulips. Towards the end of spring rich yellow blooms from Bold Look Bearded Iris form as the finale in this yellow garden. Once the yellow spring blooms finish consider adding more yellow to your garden to keep up the yellow garden theme all year.

Moonlight Garden Collection

Moonlight Garden Collection

Moonlight All White Garden

This isn’t the first time we have mentioned planting a moonlight garden. We love the idea so much we wrote an entire blog just about planting a moon garden!

White flowers will glow this spring in the all-white garden. The calming nature of this garden with the white and green foliage plays well in shade and woodland settings.

Early spring brings crocus, fragrant white hyacinths, Mondial double early tulips, and white Purisima tulips to the moonlight garden. Blooming in mid-to-late spring with the Catharina Tulips are White Grape Hyacinths, Bridal Crown Daffodils, and Thalia Daffodils. At the end of spring, pure white blooms of Immortality Iris and Mount Everest Allium will stand tall in the late spring moonlit garden.

Planting these white flowers among foliage plants like hosta and ferns will add depth and character to the Moonlight All White Garden.

River of Blue Collection

River of Blue Collection

River of Blue Garden

Blue flowers are some of the most extraordinary colors in the garden. To have a truly unique and exquisite garden plant a river of blue flowers that bloom this spring. Flowering bulbs provide some of the most brilliant blue flowers, they provide more blue flowers in the garden compared to trees, shrubs, or perennials. Cool colors like blue will make the space appear bigger.

River of blue garden is perfect in a quaint garden as it will make the space appear more expansive. Many of the flowers in this garden collection are low-growing ground covers. They should be planted in large quantities to get the most impact from the colors they provide.

The Glory of the Snow, Harmony Dwarf Dutch Iris, Ruby Giant Species Crocus, and Siberian Squill all bloom in early spring, with maximum heights of 6″. In mid-spring, the muscari and camassia will bloom with shades of deep blue and pale blue.

Plant 14-18 bulbs per square foot to get the biggest color impact when planning the River of Blue Garden.

For more blue flowers that will bloom later in the season with more height check out the Blue Blooms in Spring Garden Collection. It has a range of taller blue iris, and allium, plus fragrant hyacinths.

Purple Pizzazz Collection

Purple Pizzazz Collection

Purple Pizzazz Garden

Add some pizzazz to the spring garden with one of the most loved colors on earth! Shades of violet, orchid, lavender, eggplant, magenta, will bloom over several months in the Purple Pizzazz Garden. The variety of bloom times, heights, and shades of purple add interest for months in spring through early summer.

Early in spring, the parade of purple begins with King of the Striped Crocus and Tri-color species crocus. These delightful groundcover bulbs appear first and light the way for the rest of the season of blooms.

In a few weeks blooms from Purple Flag Tulips, Persica Purple Fritillaria, Curly Sue Fringed Tulips and Alibi Tulips steal the show. The blooms from the mid-spring blooming varieties range from red-violet to pale plum purple.

The blooms don’t stop in this purple parade until mid-summer. First, blooms from the large round ball-shaped Purple Sensation Allium appear. These are a true purple and last for weeks. The rich magenta blooms of Berry Fulfilling Bearded Iris are tall and look lovely in the back of the purple garden. The last to bloom in this garden occur in mid-summer with the Purple Prince Orienpet lilies. They grow 4-6′ tall and will be the statement of this Purple Pizzazz Garden.

With the variety of heights from 6″ to 48″+ inches and length of bloom times if the color purple makes you happy this garden is a must plant one-color garden.

Tickled Pink Collection

Tickled Pink Collection

Tickled Pink Garden

Pink is such a soft and sweet color, but it can also be bold and fun. The Tickled Pink Garden will ignite your senses starting in mid-spring.

True pink blooms from Design Impression Darwin Hybrid Tulips, Pink Charm Daffodils, Fondant Hyacinths, and Pink Impression tulips are the epitome of spring. This garden has a definite feminine appeal to it and matches the sights and sounds that the spring renewal brings.

In late spring the popular Finola Double Tulips bloom with pale pink blooms that look like peonies. Summer is ushered in with baby pink blooms of Lotus Land Bearded Iris. Lastly in mid-summer the tall and regal Satisfaction Orienpet Lilies bloom with vibrant pink color.

Tickled Pink Garden has a range of heights and shades of pink to delight your eyes.

Orange Ovation Garden

Create a warm feel in the spring landscape with orange flowers. In summer orange flowers like Mexican Sunflower, Butterfly Weed and orange dahlias steal the show. Spring does not present as many orange flowers, as spring tends to have more pastel blooms. Therefore, adding an orange-themed garden area in spring will ensure your garden receives an ovation from friends and family.

Orange Ovation Garden will bloom from mid-spring to late spring with a few orange blooming favorites. Orange Brilliant Tulips are the best orange tulips available. The true orange color really beams in the spring garden. Daydream Darwin Hybrid Tulips are creamy orange and yellow large blooms that display a range of orange tones.

The tall and unique Aurora Orange Fritillaria bloom in mid-spring and are sure to wow with their bell-shaped tower of flowers. Tahiti Daffodils flower in mid-spring with bold double flowers that have orange centers. The last to bloom in the Orange Ovation Garden is the Avalon Sunset Bearded Iris, with glowing tall blooms.

Single Color Garden in Spring and Beyond

The monochromatic garden doesn’t have to stop in spring; the suggestions above are only a start to what your single color garden could become. Carry the theme through your garden by planting summer blooming perennials and bulbs in the same color scheme as your spring garden.

If committing to one shade of color throughout the entire garden is too much for you find a corner or section of the garden to dedicate to a single color scheme. Consider planting two complementary single-color gardens near each other for a dynamic look.

Whether your single color garden has spring blooms only or extends into summer add various shades of the color you choose and accent that color with neutrals like white and black. Plant large quantities of smaller bulbs to get a big impact. Use taller plants to as the highlights of the garden space. It may take time, but after careful planning you will have the monochromatic color of your dreams!

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