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10 Flowers to Plant NOW for Bouquets this Summer!


Don’t miss out on fresh-cut flowers in your garden this summer. Having a vase filled with flowers from your garden offers a beautiful and rewarding experience. Plant bulbs and perennials in spring and early summer for cut flowers in mid-to-late summer.  Different colors, shapes, and sizes are best for having a cut garden with variety and bloom times.

10 Cut Flowers for Blooms this Summer

1.) Stargazer Lilies

The most popular Oriental lilies are Stargazer Lilies.  They are known for their large showy pink blooms. The flowers are fragrant. When you bring them into your home be prepared for highly scented blooms to fill the room. Stargazer Lilies that are established in the garden will bloom in mid-summer. Newly planted Stargazer Lilies bloom approximately 60 days after planting. Each bulb will produce one stalk that will have multiple blooms on it.

2.) Mixed Gladiolus

These are at the top of the list of the most popular summer cut flowers. While individual varieties are available, purchasing a package of Mixed Gladiolus will provide a rainbow of blooms. Mixed Gladiolus packages also tend to be the most affordable. When the price is right a package of Mixed Gladiolus can be purchased for as low as $.15-$.25 per bulb, that is such an incredible value!

Gladiolus bloom 60-90 days after planting. They can be planted in succession every two weeks over the course of several weeks. Staggering planting of the bulbs, it will help to stagger the blooms later in summer. This will ensure you have blooms for weeks in mid-to-late summer. Gladiolus do require staking as their flower stalks get heavy and can tip over. For more growing tips on gladiolus check out The Complete Guide to Growing Gladiolus.

3.) Ball Mixture Dahlias

These summer blooms add a ton of fun, color, and texture to bouquets and vases. Ball Mixture Dahlias will bloom in a variety of colors. Yellow, white, purple, pink, red, and orange flowers are possible. They are a three-dimensional treasure that blooms towards the mid-to-late part of summer. The globe-shaped bloom petals form a perfect spiral, it’s quite easy to get lost in their pattern. Ball Dahlias blooms are usually 2-3″ across. Dahlias thrive in full sun and will begin blooming in late July to early August.

4.) Black Eyed Susan

This sun-loving perennial also makes for delightful cut flowers. For a rustic and natural bouquet Black Eyed Susans are the perfect addition to a vase or bouquet in late summer. Plant in full sun and soil that drains well. Black Eyed Susan have daisy-shaped flowers and pair well with other late summer prairie perennials like Liatris and Bee Balm in a vase or bouquet.

5.) Muscadet Oriental Lilies

These are like the sister to Stargazer Lilies, and they do get along. Muscadet Lilies are fragrant with large 6″ diameter blooms. They have white flowers with pink spots which pair well with Stargazer Lilies. Muscadet Lilies bloom at the same time as Stargazer and other Oriental lilies. They of course can be in a bouquet or vase alone. However, if you love Stargazer Lilies in your cut flower garden also consider trying Muscadet Lilies.

6.) Liatris

There is so much good to say about Liatris. Not only is it one of my favorite cut flowers for summer, but it also attracts pollinators and is perennial. Deer don’t eat Liatris which is another bonus. Plant Liatris now for blooms this summer and many summers to follow. They are the perfect vertical accent in bouquets and vases and bloom in mid-to-late summer.

7.) Mixed Dinner Plate Dahlias

Yes, there are so many stunning dinner plate dahlias that can be bought as individual varieties. If you have a specific theme in your garden or what you like in your vases buying a specific variety is the way to go. However, if you like larger-than-life blooms and a variety of colors, this Dinnerplate Dahlia Super Pack is the way to go.

Dahlias bloom in the mid-to-late part of summer, depending on when they are planted. Typically blooms appear about 60-90 days after planting. The large Dinnerplate Dahlia mix makes an impact all by itself in a bouquet or vase. For mixed bouquets and vases, just 1 Dinnerplate Dahlia can be the focus. Surround it with smaller dainty flowers, such as cosmos. In order to get the largest blooms from your Dinnerplate Dahlias be sure to check out this article on How to Get the BIG Dahlia Blooms.

8.) Mixed Calla Lilies

Add a tropical flair to bouquets and vases with a mix of calla lilies. These mid-summer blooming bulbs grow well in containers. Therefore, even people with small spaces can grow calla lilies for their bouquets. Plant in full sun, once the bulbs start to grow, be sure they get plenty of water. Calla lilies are also perfect for boutonnieres and corsages. If you are trying to save money on your wedding this summer consider growing calla lilies for wedding flowers.

9.) Sunflowers

Easy-to-grow sunflowers are the shining star in late summer bouquets. Fill an entire vase with sun-loving sunflowers. They also can be used as a large focal accent mixed in with other summer flowers like gladiolus, liatris, and zinnias. Sunflowers do grow quite tall, therefore, plant the seeds in a location where they won’t block other plants in your garden. You can even plant a convenient Sunflower Seed Mat which covers 5′ and 17″.

10.) Crocosmia

Bright red crocosmia flowers attract hummingbirds, but they also jazz up bouquets and vases. Crocosmia blooms in bright red, yellow, and orange–all of them are wonderful fresh-cut flowers. The tall blooms are funnel-shaped and sit on the stem in an arching fashion. Crocosmia mixed with dahlias, and sunflowers in a vase will help to add dimension to their globe-shaped blooms. Plant crocosmia bulbs in full sun for blooms in mid-to-late summer.

Fresh Bouquets and Vases of Blooms this Summer

It’s a real treat to have fresh-cut flowers on your table in summer. Knowing that you put in the hard work to cultivate and grow these flowers yourself makes the reward that much sweeter. For more inspiration on what to plant in your cut flower garden this summer check out our other blog posts on this topic:

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